Mentors – Advisors – Guides

    Dr. David C Lewis brown university

       David C. Lewis, M.D.

Inculcated in Dr. Kishore a lifelong interest in Addiction Medicine


Thomas H. Weller, M.D.

Introduced Dr. Kishore to Global Public Health


Andrew Spielman, PhD

 Dr. Kishore learned Malariology and various aspects of Public Health Campaigns


Cleo Lachapelle

Mentored Dr. Kishore in Hospital and Healthcare Management

unknown profile picture

John B. Wyon, M.D.

Expounded on Community Diagnosis and was a lifelong friend


David Rutstein, M.D.

Visionary Health Care Architect – Dr. Kishore had the privilege to work under


Ronald I. Goldberg, M.D.

Dr. Kishore worked side-by-side and learned Enterprise

fulmer b & w

Hugh Fulmer, M.D., M.P.H.

Gave Dr. Kishore the tools necessary for Community Oriented Primary Care and Community Responsive Care


William Edward McAuliffe, PH.D.

Pioneer in Sociology of Addictions and Research Methodologies guided Dr. Kishore in his endeavors

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